Basin FlocCAM®

Monitor flocculation in real-time 24/7 with Basin FlocCAM®

The Basin FlocCAM® is specifically designed to function within water and wastewater treatment facilities. Its innovative mounting hardware easily adapts to all types of tank-side railings for simple and quick installation. The unit’s PVC floats ensure that the treatment process remains undisturbed. All electronic components are enclosed to protect them from the treatment plant’s environment.

The Basin FlocCAM® is an instrument that monitors floc particles during water and wastewater treatment processes. It provides real-time measures of over 15 parameters including average floc size, volume, number of flocs and floc size distribution. Over time, these measurements form a group of quantitative parameters that give operators a real-time indication of overall plant performance. The data allows operators to continuously monitor the effects of routine changes in plant operation including, but not limited to:

  • Alterations of coagulant and coagulant-aid dose
  • Changes in plant hydraulics
  • Filter backwash
  • Fluctuations in raw water quality
  • Modifications of flocculation stirring speed

The ability to clearly identify the effects of these changes gives the operator an improved understanding of the plant’s current operation. Improved detection of the effects of changes during treatment empowers the operator to:

  • Characterize changes during storm events
  • Optimize the use of coagulant and coagulant-aids
  • Lengthen filter run times
  • Reduce the plant’s total operating costs
  • Specifically tailor flocculation to raw water quality
The Basin FlocCAM® is operated with a user-friendly computer program. The program collects, displays and stores a variety of parameters in real-time that describe the physical qualities and development of the floc particles. It also displays a live video of the Basin FlocCAM’s® view of flocculation.