Jar FlocCAM®

Learn more from jar tests with Jar FlocCAM®

The Jar FlocCAM® monitoring a jar test in a jar tester.
Multiple Jar FlocCAM®s

The Jar FlocCAM® is designed to be mounted on a standard rectangular jar test vessel. Once mounted, the Jar FlocCAM® continuously monitors floc particle formation during a jar test. It provides real-time measures of over 15 parameters including average floc size, volume, number of flocs and floc size distribution.

The Jar FlocCAM® is operated with a user-friendly computer program that runs on Windows operating systems. The program collects, displays and stores a variety of parameters in real-time that describe the physical qualities and development of the floc particles. It is optimized to characterize the full range of particle sizes present during typical flocculation. When multiple Jar FlocCAMs® are used simultaneously, the software generates real-time comparative graphs that display the floc particle formation data gathered from each jar. All data is saved in an Excel-readable file for analysis and comparison with past and future jar tests.

Image shows the software configured for a single Jar FlocCAM®

Rather than visual inspection and post-test data collection, the Jar FlocCAM® enables users to immediately quantify the effects of the unique conditions in each jar on floc particle formation. The ability to clearly identify the effects of the unique conditions in each jar gives the user an improved understanding of the progression present during operation of the full-scale treatment plant.

Improved detection of the effects of variables during jar tests empowers the user to:

  • Optimize the use of coagulant and coagulant-aids
  • Lengthen filter run times
  • Reduce the plant’s total operating costs
  • Specifically tailor flocculation to raw water quality